More Competitions

The BKWC has been busy in the month of January with competitions.  Here are some of the highlights:

Jr 5 Counties: Caleb, Max, Brayden, and Craig finished first, Joseph third.  Ian got his first win!

Laguna Hills: Caleb, Max, Brayden, Craig: first.

Marco Forrester Dual: LOTS of great competition.  This was actually BKWC’s first ever official dual meet.  The following wrestlers garnered wins for the team:

Brayden WBD 6-0

Ian WBD 6-4

Max WBF :30

Rodrigo WBF 2:32

Danny WBF 2:14

Caleb WBF :54

Craig WDB 14-3

Joseph WBD 3-0

Gerardo WBF 2:15

Here are a few pics from the dual

Tanner vs Marco Forrester 2013

Rodrigo vs Marco Forrester 2013

break at marco dual

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