Building Young Champions, on and off the Mat

Competition Information

Click here for a working draft of our 2016-17 competition schedule.

Click here for our advanced travel practice and scrimmage schedule. (for advanced team and beginners who wish to participate)

Note: one or two tournaments in Feb might be added.  When those details come out we will publish and send out a revised schedule.

For all tournaments, be at the venue ready to warm up no later than 8:45.  We will warm up as a team.  Wear our team uniform, as well as your Big Kat t shirt.  Wrestling shoes and headgear required.

Association membership cards will be given out at practice.  Bring your cards and a copy of your birth certificate to the tournament.

For scrimmages, wear your Big Kat t shirt.  Be at the venue 20 minutes prior to start time.  We will warm up as a team.  Scrimmages are free.

Entry Fee: $13.00 per weight class for most tournaments. $20 at San Clemente $15 at Fountain Valley

Registration: All registration will be conducted the morning of the event during weigh ins. Special arrangement for may be made between head coach and the tournament host.

Weigh ins: At home weigh in arranged between head coach and tournament host on Thursdays, or 7:00am-8:00am the morning of the event.

Weight Classes: Pooled brackets, double elimination tournaments. Set weight classes at State Tournament Series Competitions (Feb 26 and March 17-19).

Divisions: Kids(k-8th grade), advanced and novice divisions (except at San Clemente and state tournament series.) Medals: Top three per weight class


Caleb scway state 2014


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