Building Young Champions, on and off the Mat


Flowrestling–an awesome site that covers wrestling like none other.  Interviews, news, tons of videos from every level of wrestling: youth, high school, college, international.  It also has hundreds of technique videos featuring top-level clinicians from around the world.  For a small fee, you can get unlimited access to the technique.–wrestling news.

Crossfit–the best strength and conditioning system out there.  Geared towards general athleticism across ten domains of fitness.  Many wrestling teams across the nation utilize crossfit workouts.  Crossfit South County is located in Laguna Hills, and has a professional and highly qualified staff that has a class specifically for kids.  Great for the whole family!

Rat Pack–a local wrestling club coached by former Santa Ana high school all-state wrestler Fernando Serratos.  A good way to get extra work and tutelage in.

Reign Training Center–another local club owned by NCAA champion and current UFC fighter Mark Munoz.

Dane Valdez School of Wrestling–a third local club run by CA state champion and former U of Oklahoma wrestler Dane Valdez.

SCWAY–our club is run under this umbrella organization.  SCWAY offers many enrichment competition tours throughout the year that directly benefits and develops young wrestlers.


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