Tournament Results

This past Sunday, four Big Kat wrestlers particpated in a tournament at Rosemead High School (The tournament at Vista was cancelled, so after discussing other options with those who wanted to compete, we decided on Rosemead).

Gio, Gerardo, Rodrigo, and Brandon did an excellent job and had great fun.  All four won at least one match.  Gio placed third, Gerardo and Rodrigo second.  Everyone got good experience and improved their skills.

Competition is perhaps the best way to improve skills and is highly encouraged.  It’s also a lot of fun.  Next competitions is Mon Jan 9 at Capo vs. Marco Forrester Middle School.  We’d like everyone to attend and participate.  Last year it was tons of fun with a lot of energy to go around.

Here is a pic from this weekend, and a video of Gio (makin a kid quit!):

Coach Hall with Gerardo, Rodrigo, Gio, and Brandon.



Here are some pictures of practices so far, from this past Thursday.  Enjoy.

coach Donaldson showing a stand up











working on a "cradle"
A guest clinician for the club is helping teach the cradle.